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Service Based Architecture

Service Based Architecture

  • It is a mix of microservices and monolithic architectural styles
  • It is composed of a user interface and several components services (by domain)
  • The user interface in some scenarios can be split by (services
  • The services can be in an ear or split by wars, or event containerized
  • The services are usually accessed by REST API. SOAP, MQ RPC are also possible
  • In a standard deployment, it is common the use a big shared database
  • Using only one database can challenge a refactor to a distributed style (microservices)
  • When a database is used per service a Micro Services architecture is on the corner
  • One database with logical partitioning by service/domain is also possible
  • It is possible and common to add an API Gateway between the User Interface and the services
  • Pros:  deployability, reliability, modularity, cost, testability, fault tolerance
  • Cons: elasticity, scalability, simplicity, performance
  • It is one of the most flexible and pragmatic architectural styles


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