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is a modeling language for enterprise architecture that helps to describe, analyze, and visualize the relationships among business domains. It complements the TOGAF standard.

  • It is a standard developed by The Open Group.
  • It allows architects to create different views of architecture at different levels of abstraction.
  • Supports interoperability with other standards such as UML and BPMN
  • Defines three main categories of elements; active structures, behavior, and passive structures
  • Active structures perform behavior: actors, roles, collaborations, and interfaces.
  • Example: A team squad can have specific permissions on an application.
  • Behaviors: processes, functions, events, and services performed by active structures.
  • Example: A checkout process in an e-commerce application.
  • Passive structures are manipulated by behavior: data, products, and contracts.
  • Example: A list of registered users.
  • These concepts can be organized into three layers: business, application, and technology.

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