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BASE Transactions

is a transaction model often used on databases that rely heavily on horizontal scaling and performance.

  • BA: Basic Availability: The database looks like it is always available.
  • S: Soft-state: The database doesn’t enforce consistency. Developers should have this responsibility.
  • E: Eventual consistency: The consistency can be delayed. Some “reads” can still use “old” values.
  • NoSQL databases tend to use this kind of transaction model.
  • It is commonly used in large-scale, performant systems using sharding and horizontal scale-out.
  • Don’t require locking or rollback actions. Eventual synchronization and reconciliation of nodes should be enough.
  • Data replication can use a Master-Slave, Master-Master, Multi-Master, and Peer-to-Peer configuration.
  • Products: Cassandra, Hadoop, DynamoDB, BigTable, MongoDB, Redis.
  • ACID: Provides a consistent system.
  • BASE: Provided high availability.

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