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Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture

  • Inspired by Domain Driven Design. Bounded Context is the word here.
  • Microservices is about high decoupling. Expect duplication over reuse.
  • It is a distributed architecture. Transactions will always be a challenge.
  • Each service should be independent of the others, including data storage.
  • Each service represents a domain or subdomain of a business system.
  • If the number of calls between two or more services is high, it is common to merge them.
  • If you need orchestration between services, avoid the API layer, if you are using one.
  • Sidecar is a way to make sure all services have the required operational functions. (forming a Service Mesh)
  • The User Interface can go with a Monolithic approach or use Micro frontends
  • Orchestration vs Choreography is always a debate in this architectural style.
  • For transactions between services, consider the SAGAs pattern.
  • Pros: elasticity, evolution, modular, scalability, testability, reliability, and fault tolerance
  • Cons: cost, simplicity, and performance


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