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defines the size of each component, part, or module in a distributed system.

  • The size is about what the module does—the features.
  • An impact on modularity, reusability, testability, performance, security, and reusability.
  • Modularity: smaller size leads to more modules.
  • Reusability: the smaller size makes it easier to maintain the features.
  • Testability: the reduced scope, makes the tests easier to maintain.
  • Performance: facilitates the optimization of a module. (not the whole system)
  • Security: it is easier to protect the module.
  • Smaller modules have some advantages: modularity, easier maintenance, distribution, security, and privacy.
  • Smaller modules also have some disadvantages: communication and infrastructure complexity, latency, performance, and global maintenance.
  • What is the right granularity? (future post…)

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