Outliers: The story of success, of Malcolm Gladwell

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Outliers: The story of success

The book approaches success and failures from a different point of view of the common sense. The writing is on point. Malcolm is a great story teller and presents the subjects clearly and easy to follow.

Probably these subjects can be explained with less pages, but it is nice to read non fiction stories with a fiction language, it is like reading a novel.

I love the small pieces in the chapters, it allows me to read like eating nuggets of knowledge.
The subjects are very interesting and for sure enriches your culture.

The last chapter reserves you a surprise!

The “Table of contents” speaks for itself.

  • The Roseto mystery
  • The Matthew effect (Matthew 25:29)
  • The 10,000 hour rule (Hamburg)
  • The trouble with geniuses & IQ
  • The lessons of Joe Flom
  • Harlan, Kentucky
  • The ethnic theory of plane crashes
  • Rice paddies and math tests
  • Marita’s bargain (KIPP)
  • A Jamaican story.

Hope you enjoy it!

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