Layered Architecture

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Layered Architecture, AKA n-tiered

  • probably the most popular
  • It is simple, easy to learn, and fits into Conway’s law
  • Conway’s law: companies design architectures mirroring their communication systems.
  • The most common tiers are presentation, business, persistence, and database.
  • When no one develops the solution architecture, the design converges into n-tiered.
  • The layers can be Closed or Open
  • Closed Layer: The request comes from the presentation and should go through all the layers
  • Open Layer: Allows to skip a layer (sometimes used when the code only has a call to the next layer; sinkhole anti-pattern)
  • Shared or Common Code usually belongs to an Open Layer
  • It is common to see classes with names like “CustomerBusiness, CustomerDao”
  • It belongs to monolithic architectures, with low; elasticity, fault tolerance, modularity, scalability, and testability.

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