Remote Procedure Call

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Remote Procedure Call

is a technique that allows a program to invoke a procedure or a function on another machine.

  • Abstracts the details of the communication (protocols, sockets, serialization)
  • The main components are the client stub, server stub, and communications module.
  • Client Stub: This is a proxy for the remote function. (marshaling and unmarshalling data)
  • Server Stub: This is a proxy on the server side for the actual function (unmarshalling and marshaling data).
  • Communications Module: handles communication, errors, and timeouts.
  • Pros: modularity, scalability, performance, and reusability; great for distributed solutions.
  • Cons: Binary protocols can be an issue for some companies (firewalls).
  • Examples: gRPC, XML-RPC, Java RMI, CORBA, DCOM, SOAP, JSON-RPC, and REST

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