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  • -| RPC: Remote Procedure Call
  • RPC: a client invokes a function on a remote server (as if it were local).
  • RPC: Protocols; XML-RPC (WordPress uses it), JSON-RPC, DCOM, RMI, and CORBA
  • -| API: Application Programming Interface
  • API: A set of rules and specifications to define how the interactions should work.
  • API: Can expose; web services, libraries, and frameworks
  • API: Protocols and formats; HTTP, REST, SOAP, GraphQL, XML, JSON, etc.
  • -| The difference is on the level of abstraction.
  • RPC: Low-Level, very close to the implementation (the clients know the signature)
  • API: High-Level, away from the implementation (the client only needs endpoints and API Parameters)
  • RPC: highly coupled; changes to the implementation have a high impact.
  • API: loosely coupled; changes to the implementation have a low impact.
  • RPC  is more efficient and faster. Uses binary formats
  • API: can be complex and slower. Usually more textual.

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