RSBAC – Rule Set Based Access Control

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Rule-Set-Based Access Control

is a type of access control mechanism that allows administrators to define and enforce access control policies based on a set of rules.

  • The accesses are controlled by a set of rules defined by an Administrator.
  • The rules define which users or groups are allowed to access certain resources.
  • The rules can use time, states of the system, user attributes,
  • It is more secure than role-based access control.
  • Commonly used in small organizations.
  • Subjects: The entities requesting access (processes or users).
  • Objects: The resources targeted by the subjects (files, network, folders, and files).
  • Rules: The policies defining how the subjects interact with the objects.
  • ACLs: The list of permissions granted to subjects.
  • Use of Labels is also possible to classify objects by sensitivity or importance.

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