SaaS – Software as a Service

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is a cloud-based software model where users can access the software using a browser.

  • A SaaS vendor hosts the service or the software.
  • The vendor provides a license or subscription model.
  • Users commonly use a browser to access it.
  • The architecture provided is usually a multi-tenant approach.
  • SaaS can also be called “on-demand software.”
  • The host can have a shared, isolated, or even hybrid implementation.
  • Shared: The data is hosted with other users (multi-tenant).
  • Isolated: An isolated environment for a user or customer
  • Hybrid: Combines cloud and on-premises deployment models
  • Sometimes authentication and authorization integration can be a challenge.
  • Ex: Netflix, Microsoft 365, Trello, Salesforce, Asana, etc.

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