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  • RSBAC – Rule Set Based Access Control

    Rule-Set-Based Access Control is a type of access control mechanism that allows administrators to define and enforce access control policies based on a set of rules.

  • DAC – Discretionary Access Control

    DAC – Discretionary Access Control is a security model that allows the owner of a resource to determine who can access and manipulate that resource.

  • MAC – Mandatory Access Control

    MAC – Mandatory Access Control is a security model to enforce restrictions on access to resources based on predefined rules and policies.

  • Access Control – Types

    Access Control – Types is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. (to be continued…)

  • Granularity

    Granularity defines the size of each component, part, or module in a distributed system.

  • Modularity

    Modularity is the name given, to the process of defining the components, parts, or modules into which a system or software can be divided.

  • Modularity vs Granularity

    Modularity vs. Granularity Modularity Granularity (To be continued…)

  • Active-Passive Pattern

    Active-Passive Pattern is a design pattern that aims to improve the availability, scalability, and performance of distributed systems. The active partition can replicate, in near real-time, the transactions.The active partition can use backup and restore strategies (check the RTO and RPO).

  • Publisher-Subscriber

    Publisher-Subscriber is a design pattern that allows multiple components of a system to communicate asynchronously and decouple their dependencies.

  • Throttling

    Throttling is a technique that limits the number of requests or data that a server can handle in a given time period.