Microkernel Architecture

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Microkernel Architecture, AKA Plug-In

  • It is monolithic but can evolve into a distributed architecture.
  • Adequate for products and technical tools.
  • Composed of a core system and plug-ins.
  • The Core system is sometimes called the happy path.
  • The Core system can incorporate other architectures (ex: layered).
  • The plug-ins have the application business logic.
  • The plug-ins can be grouped by domains.
  • The plug-ins can be remote services (the architecture turns to distributed).
  • The core system needs a registry of the plug-ins.
  • Most IDEs use this architecture (Eclipse, VSCode, IntelliJ, Jira, Jenkins, etc.).
  • Jars, Nuggets, and Gems work as plug-ins for the core Java,.NET and Ruby.
  • Weak on elasticity, fault tolerance, and scalability.
  • Good on simplicity, cost, deployability, modularity, and reliability.

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