Event-Driven (Mediator) Architecture (3 of 3)

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Event-Driven Architecture – Mediator Topology

  • Is composed of 5 components:
  • Initiating event – the event that starts the whole process. Sent to a queue.
  • Event queue – where the event mediator receives the initiating events
  • Event mediator – receives events and sends them to the event channels
  • Event channels – the channels between the mediator and the event processors
  • Event processors – process their events and acknowledge the event mediator
  • Has one or more event mediators to manage and control the workflow, including errors.
  • Products: Apache ODE and Camel, BPEL Process Managers, Spring Integration, Camunda, and Custom
  • Pros: error handling, workflow, the possibility to restart, data consistency
  • Cons: scalability, performance, fault tolerance, modeling the workflows, coupling

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