Space-Based Architecture

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Space-Based Architecture

is a distributed computing model that allows applications to be built and deployed across multiple nodes in a network. The nodes communicate using a shared memory space.

  • Distributed computing model
  • Applications deployed across multiple nodes
  • The nodes communicate using a shared space
  • It is composed of five components:
  • Processing unit – the application logic and in-memory data grid
  • Virtualized middleware – to coordinate the processing units
  • Virtualized middleware – message, data, and processing grids. Deployment manager.
  • Data pumps – send the data to a database (asynchronously) using Data Readers and Writers
  • Pros: high scalability, high concurrency, elasticity
  • Cons: – cost, testability, simplicity, deployability, modularity, fault tolerance
  • Products: Hazelcast, Apache Ignite, Oracle Coherence, HAProxy, Nginx

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