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Event-Driven Architecture (2 of 3) – Broker Topology

Event-Driven Architecture (2 of 3) – Broker Topology

  • Useful when you don’t need orchestration of events
  • The events are distributed across components (broadcasting)
  • It has four main components:
  • Initiating event: The event that starts the flow sent to the broker.
  • Event broker: Processes the event and announces it to the system.
  • Event Processor: Accepts events from the broker and sends the result as an event.
  • Processing event: An event sent to the broker or reaches the final interested party.
  • The event processor should always advertise its result.
  • Pros: responsiveness, scalability, performance, decoupled event processors, fault tolerance
  • Cons: workflow control, recoverability, a restart of transactions, error handling, possible data inconsistency
  • Products used: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, HornetQ, Kafka, etc.)


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