Event-Driven Architecture (1 of 3)

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Event-Driven Architecture: (1 of 3)

  • This architectural style is about decoupling.
  • It works with events. Events are not requests, just announcements.
  • Possible topologies: Broker and Mediator, or integrated into other architectural styles
  • All communications are asynchronous (no responses)
  • Increases the responsiveness (not the same as performance)
  • Responsiveness is about fast feedback, and performance is about fast call
  • Events errors are usually managed by a Workflow Processor (workflow delegate pattern)
  • Data loss is a possibility. Good queueing practices are mandatory to avoid it.
  • One of the great things is the implicit broadcast of a message
  • Request-response is possible with 2 queues. (request & response), or a temporary queue
  • Pros: high scalability, high performance, highly adaptable
  • Cons: simplicity, cost, elasticity, deployability

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