Access Control – Types

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Access Control – Types

is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment.

  • MAC – Mandatory Access Control
  • A central authority governs access.
  • Common in military and government environments.
    DAC – Discretionary Access Control
  • The administrator and the owner decide on the access.
  • Lack of a central authority.
    RBAC – Role-Based Access Control
  • The restrictions on resources are based on roles, groups, or individuals.
  • Ex: Administrator, Human Resources, Analyst, Sales
    RSBAC – Rule Set-Based Access Control
  • An administrator uses conditions to define the rules.
  • Ex: Days, Time, Locations
    ABAC – Attribute-Based Access Control
  • The accesses are defined by evaluating rules, policies, and relationships.
  • Ex: A user with the role==”sales” can actionId==”read” if user.project==sales.project.

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